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HANSGOD [Producer/DJ/Liveact]



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Hansgod is a french producer dj/live/act who evolved with electronic music .His breakbeat and hip-hop roots made him reach house music and later techno music.He began mixing at 16 years old and made his first step on a sequencer at 21.Today  he wants to stop making melodies to work on tech-house and minimal  sound objects ...

He is resident of a new but well known underground place, the after bar in western France. 



2015: Pulp (DCR029)

2014: Afroots (DCR019)

2013: Ice cream (DCR016)

Interview (12.10.2013)

How did you get in touch with electronic music?

At the age of eleven ,i think it was in a motel room ,on a radio i did'nt know the name it was a flash for me. But all my life when i was a child ,i've been searching electronic music in all songs i listened ,synths etc. I didn't realised  that it was just synth sounds that i was looking for.

Can you tell us a little bit about your release "ice cream"?

It's a dancefloor minimalistic EP whith strange spaces like you said.

How do you create your songs?

I begin with the kick and i build a rythmic, i'm on ableton.
How you play live?
I play with dubby effects like delays ,reverbs. i create surprises but i let the beat making its job. sometimes the beat is broken but just with the kick, i don't like clap rollin etc
What is the most important thing for you in music?

Now when i do techno especially, i don't want to use melody, i just want rythm artefacts and a mad bass.
What are your plans for 2014?
Making good music, minimalistic tech house and a little bit of progressive house.