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Adis G - Bromazepam 100.jpg CAT.: DCR039

TITLE: Adis G - Bromazepam

Genres: Tech-house/Deep House/Electronica
Releasedate: 11.09.2015

Adis G is back with a bomb for the dancefloor, a tech-house track at its finest, including remixes by CUSCINO, Hobo Baggins, Jan Plötzlich and ESC Laboratory. Once again, a nice package of electronic music. 
Dani Corbalan - Cordobesa 100.jpg CAT.: DCR038

TITLE: Dani Corbalan - Cordobesa

Genres: House/Soul/Funk
Releasedate: 28.08.2015

Funky house beats, sexy saxophone, flute and trumpet tunes and driving guitar sounds. Dani Corbalan is back with three new house tracks for the dancefloor and a nice rework of Guivosa. 
DCR037 Outpost of Progress - Wildcard 100.jpg

CAT.: DCR037

TITLE: Outpost of Progress - Wildcard

Genres: Alternative/Electronica
Releasedate: 21.08.2015


Slow beats, deep basses, beautiful, old synthesizers sounds, and on the top this beautiful, warm voice. Alternative meets electronic.
DCR036 Aurel den Bossa - Oups! 100.jpg

CAT.: DCR036

TITLE: Aurel den Bossa - Oups!

Genres: Techno/Tech-house/Deep House
Releasedate: 17.07.2015

„Oups!“ is modern, is now, is unique. Six tracks for the dance floor. Deep house, tech-house and techno, a multi-faceted, beautiful album and each track has his uniqueness. 
Niki Plisic - Night Story 010.jpg

CAT.: DCR035

TITLE: Niki Plisic - Night Story

Genres: Deep House / Deep Techno
Releasedate: 12.06.2015

With his EP „Night Story“ he packages us a wide range of electronic music. Five techno and house tracks with sparkling sounds, deep basses and crispy beats. 
DCR034 K-N-I-G-H-T - Moon 100.jpg

CAT.: DCR034

TITLE: K-N-I-G-H-T - Moon

Genres: Techno
Releasedate: 24.04.2015

In the wood at night, driving on a fast boat, skydiving, adrenaline, a thunderstorm and sometimes some sunbeams shaft through the black clouds. 
DCR033 Digitule - 24_100.jpg 

CAT.: DCR033

TITLE: Digitule - 24

Genres: Deep Techno / Deep House
Releasedate: 10.04.2015

Deep, melancholic, flash lights, beautiful melodies, thrilling soundscapes and fresh arrangements.
DCR032 Projekt Gestalten - Life 100.jpg

CAT.: DCR032

TITLE: Projekt Gestalten - Life

Genres: Techno
Releasedate: 27.03.2015

A small, dark, industrial room, sweat dripping down from the ceiling, flashing lights, mist in the air, ecstasis, moving bodies, smiling people.f
DCR031 Aurel den Bossa - First Time 100.jpg

CAT.: DCR031

TITLE: Aurel den Bossa - First time

Genres: House/Deep House/Techno
Releasedate: 13.03.2015

„First time“ is, like the name says, the first EP of Aurel den Bossa. A multifaceted, beautiful EP, dreamy, touching, something for the heart, with melodies you want to listen to them again and again.
DCR030 Various Artists - Best of Vol.2 100.jpg

CAT.: DCR030

TITLE: Various Artists - Best of Dirty Cat Records Vol. 2

Genres: All kind of electronic genres
Releasedate: 27.02.2015

Another great compilation, of hight talented artists, another mixture of high quality electronic music that moves, the second best of Dirty Cat Records.

CAT.: DCR029

TITLE: Hansgod - Pulp

Genres: Techno/House/Deep House
Releasedate: 14.02.2015

With his new EP „Pulp“, Hansgod shows us a wide range of electronic music: a deep house track with some nice vocals, a beautiful house track and a new version of "Nogroup".  

CAT.: DCR028

TITLE: Hobo Baggins - Relikte historischer Nutzungen

Genres: Techno/Deep House
Releasedate: 30.01.2015

Twelve beautiful, grooving, well conceived, cheeky, deep house, techno tracks, produced with a lot of feelings and sensibility.

CAT.: DCR027

TITLE: Twilight Kamikaze - Serpent Songs of Love

Genres: IDM
Releasedate: 16.01.2015

Serpent Songs of love is a journey through different electronic music genres, a mixture of techno, electronica, industrial, breakbeat, dnb, experimental and rock with powerful vocals. Driving beats and glitchy, creaky, analogue sounds.

CAT.: DCR026

TITLE: Twilight Kamikaze - Flashback

Genres: IDM
Releasedate: 09.01.2015

 A mixture of techno, breakbeat, rock and electro with powerful vocals. Artificial, beautiful, groovy, including some great remixes.

CAT.: DCR025

TITLE: Beat Frei - Schleudertrauma

Genres: Techno
Releasedate: 03.10.2014

Five warm and dark techno tracks at its best. Analogue, dark soundscapes, mistery melodies, creaking beats, somewhere in the wood, in the jungle, heat and sweat and dancing. 

CAT.: DCR024

TITLE: Antimaterium - Essence of awakening

Genres: Techno
Releasedate: 19.09.2014

Five dark techno tracks for the dance floor. Mysterious soundscapes, crispy percussions, powerful beats.

CAT.: DCR023


Genres:House/Deep House/Techhouse
Releasedate: 27.07.2014

Set fire is a progressive house track, you can't classify immediately, which makes it unique. Creaky analogue sounds and sophisticated melodies.

CAT.: DCR022

TITLE: Dani Corbalan - Tear it down

Genres:House/Deep House/Chillout
Releasedate: 06.07.2014

A journey through the wild west, a wonderful warm up track and two beautiful chill-out tracks for the sunset.

CAT.: DCR021

TITLE: Dirty Cat - Lights

Genres: Techno/House/Deep House
Releasedate: 21.06.2014

A mixture of techno, house, rock and pop. Driving beats, crispy guitar sounds, playful percussions, warm melodies and Dirty Cats unique voice.

CAT.: DCR020

TITLE: Dirty Cat - Afterhour

Genres: Techno/House/Deep House
Releasedate: 14.06.2014

"Afterhour" is a beautiful chillout track for the morning, for sunny days, just right for the upcoming summer season. A smooth house track with warm guitar and synthesizer sounds and Dirty Cats unique voice.

CAT.: DCR019

TITLE: Hansgod - Afroots

Genres: Techno/House/Minimal
Releasedate: 18.05.2014

Hansgod creates his own little world of soundscapes, crispy percussions, driving beats, dark, sensual, with warm, powerful sequencer sounds. 

CAT.: DCR018

TITLE: Various Artists - Best of DCR Vol. 1

Genres: All kind of electronic genres
Releasedate: 06.04.2014

A multifaceted mixture of the last two years: nine highly talented electronic artists at its best. Including exclusive track "Buttheads - Zeitmaschine".

CAT.: DCR017

TITLE: Beat Frei - 2014 [Wut]

Genres: Techno/Chillout/Soundtrack
Releasedate: 23.03.2014

He knows how to create sounds with analogue machines, how to compose thrilling songs, he is a master of all kind of genres. From classical music to deep techno songs, everyone will be satisfied 

CAT.: DCR016

TITLE: Hansgod - Ice Cream

Genres: Techno/Techhouse/Minimal
Releasedate: 08.12.2013

Hansgod creates mystery spaces, he tells fascinating stories and takes you along to his own little world of sounds. 

CAT.: DCR015

TITLE: Dani Corbalan - Back from the depths

Genres: House/Electro-House/Chillout
Releasedate: 01.12.2013

Dani Corbalan mixes skilful Electro with House and somewhere in melodies you can hear his Trance past.

CAT.: DCR014

TITLE: Angelo Fonfara - Menschen und Maschinen

Genres: Breakbeat/Brokenbeat/Dub
Releasedate: 11.08.2013

Angelo Fonfara combines masterful beats and percussions with pumpy basses, let flash here and there some guitar- and synthesizer sounds and fizzy funny and yet still profound texts.

CAT.: DCR013

TITLE: Angelo Fonfara - Radiostation

Genres: Breakbeat/Techno/House
Releasedate: 04.08.2013

A mixture of breakbeat and dub, witty and fresh, followed by a drum n’ bass remix made by himself and remixes by Dirty Cat and Kabelmann.

CAT.: DCR012

TITLE: Josh Tree - Balls

Genres: Techno/Minimal
Releasedate: 22.05.2013

Driving beats, creaking basses, playfull percussions, unusual, trippy, home-made samples. When you don’t expect it, a bassdrum, a hihat, a snare beginns.

CAT.: DCR011

TITLE: Adis Gile - The city of mine

Genres: Techno/Techhouse/House
Releasedate: 22.10.2012

In „the city of mine“ Adis Gile mixes crispy, playfull technobeats with funky synthesizer sounds and saxophone melodies.

CAT.: DCR010

TITLE: Buttheads - Stéréophonie Remixes

Genres: Electro/House/Disco/Techno
Releasedate: 30.07.2012

A little EP with two remixes made by SWEAR and Buttheads themselves as a free download.

CAT.: DCR009

TITLE: Buttheads - Stéréophonie

Genres: Electro/House/Disco
Releasedate: 30.07.2012

What you get is funky melodies, distorted synthesizers and crispy, cheecky beats, a mixture of funk, electro and disco-house.

CAT.: DCR008

TITLE: Tammo - Plugged

Genres: Alternative/Breakbeat/Techno
Releasedate: 16.07.2012

Beautifull, dreamy melodies, suddenly distorted guitar riffs, playfull breakbeats and slowly, melancholy ballads too. 

CAT.: DCR007

TITLE: Tammo - Zukunftsmode

Genres: Breakbeat/House/Ambient
Releasedate: 09.07.2012

Zukunftsmode is playfull, dreamy, a thrilling story, warm sunbeams in the morning, or just a journey down to the south. 

CAT.: DCR006

TITLE: Dirty Cat - Inside

Genres: Techno/House
Releasedate: 26.11.2011

Dirty Cat mixes creaking techno beats with droning basses and trancy house melodies. Eight danceable tech-house tracks for the dancefloor. 

CAT.: DCR005

TITLE: Kabelmann - Schaltraum

Genres: Techno/Electronic Industrial
Releasedate: 31.10.2011

The name of the album promises exactly what you expect of it: analogue, dirty sounds of modularsynthesizers. And he knows how to handle with analog modularsynthesizers.

CAT.: DCR004

TITLE: Dirty Cat - Autumn

Genres: Techno/Deep House
Releasedate: 05.09.2011

His driving beats are playfull and his melodies invites you to dream and float away, for everyone who isn't satisfied by this summer and who wants to embellish the autumn a little bit. 

CAT.: DCR003

TITLE: Tammo - Bare Prison

Genres: Electronica/House/Dance
Releasedate: 29.08.2011

Tammo succeeds in creating a very special atmosphere and takes you on a journey to somewhere between soundtrack, club music and chill-out. 

CAT.: DCR002

TITLE: Dirty Cat - Springtime

Genres: Techno/House
Releasedate: 11.02.2011

Warm melodies, driving, playful beats, crispy percussions, deep bass lines. Including "Happiness", a good feel track for the after-hours.

CAT.: DCR001

TITLE: Dirty Cat - 012010

Genres: Techno/Minimal
Releasedate: 01.01.2011

Eleven minimal, house dancefloor tracks with a lot of percussion, heavy basslines and dreamy melodies.