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Electro/Techno/House | 05.09.2011

Dirty Cats Autumn EP is his third release on his own label. He surprises all over again with every single release and he isn't afraid of trying out new stuff. His driving beats are playfull and his melodies invites you to dream and float away.
The Autumn EP is for everyone who isn't satisfied by this summer and who wants to embellish the autumn a little bit. 
Crumble is a nice dance track for afterhours, when the sun is rising slowly and you won't go home yet. After this track Leaves, Downpour and Sparkle follow, three tech/house tracks for the dancefloor. The EP ends with Sunrise, a track for relaxing and dreaming.
Dirty Cat proves again with this album that he can keep pace with the upper league of electronic music.

01 Crumble (7:06)
02 Leaves (7:31)
03 Downpour (6:43)
04 Sparkle (8:54)
05 Sunrise (7:37)

Lucio Malatoid (Malatoid Records / CK Family / Pressology) - Nice one thanks!
Adis Gile ( DirtyCat Records) -  I really like Track 5. Sunrise! Crumble fits my needs too! :) Thanks, great EP
Nino / Dj Misk (AltroVerso Radio) - playlist in altroverso radio
Martin Dacar (Sonett) - nice warm up sounds! thank u !
John P. (Westradio.gr) - very good release! thanks for the music!
George Levi (Pixel Tree Music) - Liked Sunrise 
Dj Chito (Paris One Reverse) - Nice release! Very cool and smooth tracks! Sparkle is my fav but I really like Sunrise Too! Thx ! 
Julian (SFR) - Sunrise is wicked. Really feels like the kind of track to take you through a sunrise! 
Suffused (Suffused Music) - Crumble is my pick here!
Eden ( Great Wall of Sound) - Nicely arranged. Neat mix. Good release
Michael Otten (Stencil Records) - like the first track! thx!
paul nazca (boxer - sign - skryptom) - cool ep! support
tinobe (electronic global radio) - good sound!
MPI ( Yucatech Recordings) - 1 and 5 for me
Edgar De Ramon (Tutu) - I'll try it out, thanks for the music ;)
peter (the030 / hidden places) -  the first two tracks are really my cup.
Veztax/Glorio Veztacci (Vezotonik/Glorio Music) - Wery nice EP. Thank you
marusha (clubarrestmusicberlin) - on the beach in summer with a babby jeans and a beer... and dance 
Ronis Nazzci (Xavantt Music) - i love all dirty cat songs here...
Chris (Taiwan-Lounge Radio) -  I like !! 
George Georgakopoulos (Devilock Recordings, Freeze Magazine Greece) - Sunrise, Cool tune
Marc Pole (Mind The Gap / friskyRadio) - Sunrise, love it ! great deep track
Russian Federation - Leaves, very nice track, Sparkle: download for Gosh, thanks