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Techno/Soundtrack/Electronic Industrial | 31.01.2012

Schaltraum is the first album of Silvio Urbiks aka Kabelmann and the name of the album promises exactly what you expect of it: analogue, dirty sounds of modularsynthesizers. And he knows how to handle with analog modularsynthesizers. True the motto: a modularsynthesizer is only complete when he depleted all the available space in a always expanding universe, he begins to search for new soundworlds and he takes the listener on a journey in the world of analogue electronic music. He plays masterly with athmospheres and melodies. Sometimes like a storm, sometimes like a sunshine. He knows how to arrange tensions, so you can’t quit listening because you want to know how it ends, like in a good thriller.

01 No Name (8:22)
02 Landscapes (5:06)
03 Wednesday on a Pitch Black Submarine (7:50)
04 Summer (8:42)
05 Cave (10:52)
06 MS20 zu Besuch (8:37)
07 Hallo Tinitus (9:56)
08 19 09 10 (5.52) 

Support on doepfer.de: http://www.doepfer.de/a100_music_d.htm
SLAVE (Arnold Farkas) - Smooth throughout the entire track
Michael Gesdorf / DJMGee (Alando Palais) - It's okay, I will look to play it soon.
Derek Harri / DJ DiRRty HaRRi (Sonic Music Prod, Tony & Adam / 2 Tone Music) - I like this and will play it out in my shows.
Maurizio Santi / Dee Jay Santi (Promotionalrecord, Modena Radio City / Radio Mela) - It's okay, I will look to play it soon.
Sherwin Charles / DJ Fresh (Brooklyn DJ Factory, Scene, Niketalk Magazine) - Great!
Arnaud Le Guilcher | Aron Nyx (Multiple Club Locations) - Great release. I will definitely support this all the way!

Number 6 of ALEX MAYER 11 - 2011 whatpeopleplay charts