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Electro/Techno/House | 26.11.2011

After his last EP, the “Autumn EP“, Dirty Cat releases his next album “Inside“. He mixes creaking techno beats with droning basses and trancy house melodies. Eight danceable tech-house tracks for the dancefloor.
Cold, a driving track with dark basses and some scattered high-pitched, grating melodies shining through, like sunbeams through snowflakes. Acqua, a playful track, like a fizzy mountain stream. Pulse, pulsating, driving as per the name. Tube and Morning, two tracks for raising one’s spirits. Storyteller, a relaxing, playful track. And in the end Visions and Snowflake, two dark, driving house tracks with dreamy melodies. 
A versatile, promising album for the dark, cold winter nights. A must for all electro lovers.

01 Cold (5:42)
02 Acqua (5:46)
03 Pulse (6:16)
04 Tube (5:46)
05 Storyteller (5:15)
06 Visions (5:42)
07 Snowflake (5:30)
08 Morning (5.03)

Nice tech house / electro beats from Switzerland.. Nice release, full support! - Zweiklang (Solardish Records (Germany))
First couple of tracks sound ok, will try after full download - Ed Coogan (Derelict House Collective)
Will try, thanks - Roger Sanchez (Stealth-records)
NICE. Wow, I love it! - Tholli (Thokadee/Impulsa/10Inch Records/SPR/WBR)
Nice. Will try, thanks - mat-thezone (the-zone)
Downloading. Will try, thanks - Du Sant (Krad Records)
Yea loads of playable stuff on here, nice one Dirty Cat. Thanks, will play for sure! - Paul Jacobson (Exhilarated Recordings)
Wow really complete ep!! This saturday we´ll play it on sello!!!!. Nice release, full support! - Juanita Ramírez (Sello Amigo Radioshow)
Will try, thanks - Benoit (Tsugi) (tsugi)
Few tracks are really catchy :) Specially Morning & Cold, like i am now! hehehe. Thanks, will play for sure! - Brunetto (Freelastica)
Nice album. Will try, thanks - Orde Meikle (Soma Records)
Cool sound, dig it!. Nice release, full support! - Acid Please! Deejays (Adelaide, AU) 
Cool Sound! . Nice release, full support! - Manuel Cass (Etichetta Nera,Eklero/WemakeitFunky)

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