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Breakbeat/House/Ambient | 09.07.20112

With his single ‚zukunftsmode’ Tammo shows us a first impression of his album „plugged“ which will be released on the 16th of July 2012 on Dirty Cat Records. Zukunftsmode is playfull, dreamy, a thrilling story, warm sunbeams in the morning, or just a journey down south. Dirty Cats remix is a smooth track for the dancefloor. Kabelmann passes firstly everything through his analogue maschines and with that he and Wursthobel create an experimental track, a mixture of rocking guitarsound and analogue synthesizer.

01 zukunftsmode (3:40)
02 zukunftsmode (Dirty Cat Remix) (5:47)
03 zukunftsmode (Kabelmann & Wursthobel Remix) (4:47)

Jojojojojo Stew Dub-Play. Very good! - Michael Stewart (SMX/Stewmonte X / Black Cat Productions, Pudgy's)
Good. Solid track, great beats! - Derek Harri (DJ DiRRty HaRRi / Sonic Music Prod, 2 Tone Music / Tony & Adam\\\'s)
Cool. Good. - Sherwin Charles (DJ Fresh / Brooklyn DJ Factory, Scene, Niketalk Magazine)
Good! - Maurizio Santi (Promotionalrecord, Modena Radio City / Radio Mela)
Good! - Anthony Gelo (DJ Anthony Gelo / Bar None / SideTracks)