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Alternative/Breakbeat/Techno | 16.07.2012

After his ‚Bare Prison EP’ Tammo releases his first album with eleven songs. His voice has his own spezial sound, emphatic and dreamy and reminiscents a little bit of Radiohead. Tammo arrives to surprise again and again. Beautifull, dreamy melodies, suddenly distorted guitar riffs, playfull breakbeats and slowly, melancholy ballads too. With his songs, Tammo tells thrilling stories, sometimes gloomy, sometimes dreamy and takes you to a journey through his own world. Once you took part of his journey you want to go through it again and again. 

01 redeyedmonsters (4:26)
02 something i wanted to say lately (3:56)
03 plugged (5:12)
04 silly bastards (2:43)
05 gimme money (5:34)
06 zukunftsmode (3:40)
07 falling (4:44)
08 atrocity tale (3:04)
09 dark and clear (feat andreas junghans) (4:51)
10 april street (4:22)
11 bittersweet obsession (3:47)

Playing it on my radio show FOR SURE. Thanks a lot! Wow, I love it! - Xpansul (True Type Tracks) 
Will try, thanks. - Richie Hawtin (minus)

Good music ---made with heart but not recommended for clubbing...good for chillout and lounge....very relaxed. - edlington (olavbelgoe/soundsunited/bigmamashouse) 
Class. Nice release, full support! - paul nazca (sign - Boxer - Sleaze) 
Really good tracks! They have something special, thanks! Wow, I love it! - Marco Effe (Break New Soil / Sci+Tec / Cécille) 
Tracks 4 / 7 are really nice, very into the new dark music. Also good 'April Street', Vini Reilly / Durutti Column came to my mind. Not what i'm playing, but who cares? Nice release, full support! - Angel Molina (Sonar)
Somenthing beautiful us great.....Nice LP Tammo have my support!! Nice release, full support! - javier orduna (Pong Musiq/Resopal/Cuatro/Amam/Peppermint Jam) 
This shit is dope. Good! - Felicia Tankersley (DJ Lady Gemini / , 90.7 FM, Waterworks Pub / Ohbar)
This is great. A little bit too Radiohead-ish at times, but overall I appreciate the ambition and array of sounds at work. Nice stuff. Thanks!. Nice release, full support! - Q-Burns Abstract Message (8D Industries / Invisible Airwaves Radio Show) 
Thanks! Nice release, full support! - Anderson Alves (noise music) 
Will play for sure! - Pooks Tom (MOOVMENT) 
Nice EP, thanks.. Will try. - Hyricz (Melodica Netlabel/Seta Label/Sumo Juice) 
Nice tracks! Will try, thanks. - Guido Nemola (Recycle Records) 
Will spin these - thanx. Will try. - Orde Meikle (Soma Records) 
Very good job. Wow, I love it! - farfa (aesperanto) 

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