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Electro/House/Disco | 30.07.2012

With ‚Stéréophonie’ the two brothers Moe and Decs aka ‚Buttheads’ launches their first EP and what you get is funky melodies, distorted synthesizers and crispy, cheecky beats, a mixture of funk, electro and disco-house. Three songs made by Buttheads, followed by the remixes of Francophillipe (UK), Blank (France) and Judge (Stuttgart/DE). With this EP the two brothers proove that they can keep up with the big producers of the electronic music. 
A promising and demanding EP and a must have for every disco-house lover. Remember the name „Buttheads“, you will hear it once in a while for shure.

01 La Stéréophonie (2:32) 
2) La Dynamique (3:46) 
3) L'Acoustique (3:53) 
4) La Stéréophonie (Francophilippe Remix) (4:37)
5) La Stéréophonie (Judge Remix) (4:08)
6) La Stéréophonie (Blank Remix) (5:32)

Thanks 4 the music. Will play for sure! (Favorite track: La Stéréophonie // Original Mix) - matt Correa (Free Radio Show) 
Thanks. Nice release, full support! - Anderson Noise (noise music) 
Isn’t my music to play. But i really like L’Acoustique. RESPEKT! - Oliver Klein (the good one!)
Will spin. Will try, thanks. - Orde Meikle (Soma Records) 
La Stéréophonie Original track & Francophilippe Remix are for me: love them !!! SUPPORT !!! -LAURENT N. (LCR & Electropical Records / Various Radio ShowS) 
Not what I play, but I want to give a proper listening to this. Daft Punk / Justice came to my mind. Will try, thanks. - angel molina (sonar) 
Francophilippe Remix is definitely my fav. Will try, thanks. - Each (Bay Street) 
Maybe not for my dj set but i love the production!! Well done! (Favorite track: La Stéréophonie // Original Mix) - Joy Kitikonti (Start Records - Gouta Music - Natural Rhythm CocoricÃ)
Grazy stuff, will give a try, thanks! - IllboyPhil (Radio Fevah FM 88.3 Newzealand / Treibjagd Records)
Pretty cool! - Mag – Tsugi (Tsugi magazine)
Nice pack! (Favorite track: La Stéréophonie // Francophilippe Remix) - Fine Cut Bodies (Biscuit Reality / Chi Recordings / Mothership / Fabric / Resopal ... Radio MR2 / Radio Tilos)
I do mostly uptempo stuff but i can probably squeeze this mix in there somewhere. it's freekin gritty and cool like that. - Randy Bermudez (DJ Skinny Guy, Wild 105.5, Ace Beats) 
Excellent! Great! - Sherwin Charles (DJ Fresh / Brooklyn DJ Factory, Scene, Niketalk Magazine)
Excellent! Je vais la jouer! - Michael Maltais (Castiel / , Fuchsia NightClub)
Not the sound that I`m playing but I like this release! - Timo Jahns (Radio e-volution / Freundchen, 9Volt - Radio Station: Radio e-volution)