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Electro/Techno/Techhouse | 22.10.2012

We proudly present with Adis Gile, a very talented, special musician, producer and dj on Dirty Cat Re-cords. In „the city of mine“ he mixes crispy, playfull technobeats with funky synthesizer sounds and saxophone melodies. Along with this you will get a fine, chilling remix by Dirty Cat. A round, nice release which will whet your appetite and will bring a little bit of sunshine and warmth into the autumn days.

01 The city of mine (Original Mix) (06:03) 
2) The city of mine (Radio Edit) (3:59)
3) The city of mine (Dirty Cat Remix) (7:04)

90sechzig90 (Exposure Music // Atomix Club X) - Wonderful dreamy vibes in here! support ! 
Carl Adams (blog pluginzine.com) (PLUGiNZINE.com) - Great project, full support. Thanks. 
LAURENT N. (LCR & Electropical Records / Various Radio ShowS) - Original & remix are nice. I will play them for sure. SUPPORT !!! 
Oliver Schories (der turnbeutel / Ostwind / Parquet / MGF) - What a nice mixture. 
Tagträumer (BlackFoxMusic / Schallbox Records) - Well done Dirty Cat 
The Micronauts (Christophe Monier - Rituel - Micronautics) - Very nice! thx for the music. Dean Newton (Subliminal / CR2 // Luvely) - Cool chilled tracks 
Beatamines (Beatamines | Keno records / Mangue) - Original for me! Nice! 
Tobsen Graale (Pater Jet Recordings, Fassade Rec.) - Nice EP, the remix is nice too. Good luck boys! 
ALIENSIGNAL - Quite decent, I will look to play it soon. 
Mattscu - Great track, perfect for those loungy gigs. 
Dj Ray Dell - Great release. I will definitely support this all the way! 
Marian Perdoch - greta sax riff...something for 7am sessions 
Kiko Martinez (DocePulgadas Radioshow) - Nice ep.!! 
Marcus Vector (Tuning Sport, Contexterrior, Toys for Boys) - Lovely 
IllboyPhil (Radio Fevah FM 88.3 Newzealand) (Treibjagd Records) - Very nice! 
Alexander Bien (www.electrosound.tv // www.electrosound.tv) - Nice ones D.Kowalski 
(Lux23, Liquid Inc., CatsLoveBass - Artist and A&R Manager) - Cool EP! 
Danny-D (housetime.fm) (Housetime.FM / Clubtime.FM) - Nice work! 
Tobi Danton (Sudwerk, Zapata, Climax) - Cool! 
Lucio Malatoid (Malatoid Records Pressology Records and Distribution // Friday Line / Malatoid Sound Radioshow) - Track 1 for me! Nice one 
Marcel Sareyka (Partysan Nord / Feierei.de) - Sounds nice.

"Truth be told, I'm not familiar with his work and he seems to produce music of an area that I normally wouldn't listen to (his style is more of the tech/deep house persuasion). Not that it matters, of course.
His new single “The city of mine” has just been released on Dirty Cat Records. It's a very relaxing and quite bouncy house track, with some cheesy sax melodies thrown in for good measure. It's best to listen it when you feel like it taking it easy. I found it to be a very pleasant listen and hopefully you'll feel the same way too."

Number 31 on Whatpeoplelay Top 100 Indie/Dance/Alternative Track (13 days on)
Number 10 on toomanysebastians October Chart