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Breakbeat/Techno/House | 04.08.2013

With his Single „Radiostation“ Angelo Fonfara gives us a little foretaste of his first album „Menschen und Maschinen“ which will be released on Dirty Cat Records too. A mixture of breakbeat and dub, witty and fresh, followed by a drum n’ bass remix made by himself, Kabelmann sent the whole thing through his machines and presents a remix with an analogue vintage touch and finally Dirty Cat serves a chilled techhouse remix. All in all a beautifull single with a thrill of anticipation on his album. 

01 Radiostation (Original Mix)
02 Radiostation (Angelo Fonfara Remix)
03 Radiostation (Dirty Cat Remix)
04 Radiostation (Kabelmann Remix)

AFFKT (Sincopat) - Interesting EP here! Congrats!
Aerialnoise (Aerialnoise.com) - Proper night-time elektronika!
John P. (Westradio.gr) - Nice tracks! Thanks!
Sergio Gomes (BREAKS Ida.) - Old-Skool sounds looking to the future..
Eddie Hu (Revox Records) - Thank you for the music. Wil try Dirty Cat Remix.
Dj Chito (Paris One Reverse) - I really like the dark mood of this release.
Suffused (Suffused Music) - Dirty Cat Remix for me, thanks.
Acid Pimps (Kontemplationwelt Ltd.) - Pretty nice Ep with that industrial touch on the vocals. Love the dark mood on the Dirty Cat Remix. Will surelly play it!
Eden (Great Wall of Sound) - Definitely something i start my set with.
Nsekt (Badmood Recordings) - Classy production, straight forward german sounds.
MPI (Yucatech Recordings) - Dig the Dirty Cat remix and Original, ill slot them both into my radio show.
Veztax/glorio Veztacci (Vezotonik/Glorio Music) - Dirty Cat rmx for my slow mixes. thx.
XLII (Civil Music / Raid System) - Tha loop is pretty mental and broken beat ting is unique.
Chris (Taiwan-Lounge Radio) - I like it.
HipGnosis (Glitch.FM) - Very unique sound and great production. The remixes fill out the single with diverse styles, while keeping true to the original.

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