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Breakbeat/Brokenbeat/Dub | 11.08.2013

Angelo Fonfaras first album release on Dirty Cat Records is a complex, intelligent thought out album, imaginative, witty and prompts you to think different about things. He combines masterful beats and percussions with pumpy basses, let flash here and there some guitar- and synthesizer sounds and surprises you again and again once more with fizzy funny and yet still profound texts. A mixture of breakbeat and dub with influences from his krautrock background and a pinch of sarcasm. A fine album for the summer for dancing, chilling and chuckling.

01 Der NanoRobot (4:19)
02 Durch die langen dunklen Tunnel (5:28)
03 Ein leerer Planet (4:46)
04 Radiostation (3:04)
05 Die Katze im Karton (4:48)
06 Raum und Zeit (3:57)
07 Die letzte Tankstelle (3:50)
08 Menschen und Maschinen (7:05)
09 Regenrinnenpolka (5:32)

Sergio Gomes (BREAKS Ida.) - Nice and solid.
John P. (Westradio.gr) - Great release guys! Thanks for the music.
Astro Raph (Cold Busted Records) - Great album! Some incredible German industrial here. Definitely check this out!
MPI (Yucatech Recordings) - Nice and dark.
Kacper (mustnotsleep) - There are some ideas i enjoy tracks 3 and 9 are cool.
Veztax (Vezotonic/Glorio Music) - Razy :)) my fav ist Angelo Fonfara - Regenrinnenpolka.. thx.
Chris (Taiwan-Lounge Radio) - I like.
Mat The-Zone (The-Zone Radio Show) - Thanks! Downloaded for The-Zone radio show.
Sami Wentz (Defected/Strictly Rhythm) - Support from Sami.
Hyricz (Melodica Netlabel/Seta Label/Sumo Juice) - Nice tracks, will listen to them and choose some cool.
Bandzius (Suffused Music) - Nice album1. 
Mike Murphy (Spinnin' House) - Track 3 is really nice! 9 as well is more likely to fit into my sets these days, but everything sounds well done, i like the keys, synths and especially guitars.


"Der Raum ist digital, die Zeit ist optimal!, heißt es im Track "Raum und Zeit". Ein Satz ohne Sinn, der aber irgendwie klug klingt. Und im Kontext des Albums "Menschen und Maschinen" lässt sich wunderbar darüber diskutieren, ob nicht doch eine Message im Nonsens steckt. Angelo Fonfara spiet intelligent mit elektronischen Tönen und analoger Sprache. Ein dubbiger Trip durch den Wahnsinn des Alltags. 

Martin Hildebrandt | Zitty Berliln